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Date: TBC

Distance: 4.5km

Time: 5:30am

Location: Boats will depart from Umm Suqeim Marina and all the swimmers should meet there.

After departure, all the boats will meet at the same point (in front of the Kite Beach) and the swim will start from there.


Price: 220aed for each swimmer to cover the cost of boat and kayaks.


Swim Start: depends on your swim group speed

6:20am - 2:00/100 & above. (Red cap)

6:25am - 1:45/100 & above (White cap)

6:30am - 1:45 or faster  (Green cap)



• All the swimmers must carry a valid Emirates ID as it will be required to show on the coast guard check point!

• All the swimmers should have swim safety buoy

• All the swimmers should stick with their respective group (regroup every 1km is a must)

The swim will start from Kite Beach towards World’s Island and cover approximately 4.5km. We will have maximum capacity of 24 swimmers, divided in to 3 groups based on their level. Each group will have 7-8 swimmers with 3-4 kayak support. A comprehensive safety briefing will be delivered to all the swimmers, on potential hazards and instructed on how to identify themselves to the boat crew once in emergency.


• There will be a certified lifeguard and crew trained for CPR.

• The First Aid will be available in case of any injuries or emergencies

• Crew trained to know universal and nonverbal means to communicate in the water from a distance using arm signs.

• Fins to be present as a safety equipment for open water rescue swimmers.

• Kayakers with the competence to easily shadow a swimmer and ability to provide immediate aid will be always in the water. In addition, kayakers will help to increase visibility to the other vessels.

• Swimmer Safety: each swimmer required to have a swim safety buoy

• Swimmer Identification: Swimmers required to wear bright colored swim cap

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