Noel Tuohy

Paolo’s attention to detail is everything. From the planning of the sessions, his eye for identifying tweaks in technique and ability to cater for all swimmers is fantastic. Throughout the season, there is a balance between technique, endurance and speed sessions which are timetabled in line with calendar events. The friendly, warm atmosphere, created by Paolo, make the sessions very inclusive and have been thoroughly enjoyable.

Inalize Oosthuizen

Since I joined Paolo's pool sessions, my swimming technique has improved a lot and my overall swim progressed significantly. He is extremely attentive to correct stroke and hand placement and even while a full class is under way, he takes time to individually point out ways to improve. I did a stroke analysis session with Paolo and could immediately improve my body position and bring down my times even more. Paolo always offer valuable advice, encouragement and knowledge to take into practice. Thank you Pao for helping me step up my swimming and for always being friendly, patient and supportive. Your classes are always something I look forward to!

David Charlier

I’ve been swimming with Paolo for a couple of years now - as well as creating a super-friendly squad atmosphere, he is great because he gives personalised tips to improve technique for each person in the pool.

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