Day is devided into 3 parts: 

Theory sessions:

  • The basics of the freestyle stroke

  • Enhancing your efficiency in the pool

  • Generating more propulsion in the water

  • Developing open water skills

  • Training program development and how to get​ the most out of your swim sessions.

Practical session:

  • Extensive Videoing Of Your Stroke

  • Technique Development and Intervention based on your video analysis                                   

  • A Mini-Squad Session showing you how to implement our unique teaching methods into a 'normal' training session.

Classroom sessions

  • Stretching / Flexibility for Performance

  • Core Stabilization in Swimming

  • Injury Prevention 

Duration - 4 to 5 hours


Fast track your swimming in a small group (up to 6 people) that is lead by a Swim Smooth certified coach. It is a great opportunity to do something with training buddies. It will be a full day of interaction, with plenty of discussion around your questions, technique, open water skills, how to train properly etc. ​Swim Smooth 1-Day Stroke Correction Clinic is the very best to tune up your front crawl swimming using all our coaching methods and full video analysis.



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