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 The Open Water Swimming 
Season is Just Around the Corner

Be part of the most exciting, fun and challenging Adult swim group in Dubai. This year is bigger than ever! Swim Smooth Dubai program is designed to offer something for every member by providing safe, enjoyable and consistent experiences, regardless of ability. 

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Overcoming Your Anxiety

Find the trigger, Stay relax and focus with your breathing, Swim with the group, Practice and Learn the skills with our Swim Smooth Certified Coaches.

Do Not Wait and Start Your Preparation Now!

Open Water swims should be a weekly part of your training routine. Whether you need the mental toughness that swimming in sea water forces you to develop or the special pacing and sighting skills, We are here to help you.


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Open Water Swim Package

This year we will involve more coaches and kayak supporters to give you the best structured program and ensure your comfort and safety in the Open Water.

Price: 300 AED

For unlimited open water sessions every Saturday until end of the year and Swim Smooth T-shirt is included.

What is included:

  • Coached Session (Open Water Swim)

  • Swim Smooth T-shirt 

  • Feedback and Correction

  • Kayak Support

  • Weekly Structured Program (Saturday)

   * Please note that Open Water Races/ Events fees are separate