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Ladies Session

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Swim Smooth Ladies Night Every Thursday!

 Course enables numerous women to master their stroke, with some going on to the next level and compete in open water or triathlon races!

Our coaches: JUDIT SPIEGL and EMILIA MANGILINAN are certified, experienced, patient coaches, and they are in the water with you to give you support.

Knowing how to swim is an essential skill and a great joy. Swimming is good for your health, for your body and for your mind. It allows you to go to the sea with your kids and join the family together. It is never too late to start learning !


Our structure allows you to learn and develop by your own rhythm in a friendly and patient environment. Each of our sessions are 60 minutes and contains 15 minutes dry-land stretching and strengthening exercises to shape your body.


We welcome every BEGINNER ladies and girls from the age of 10 to teach them how to swim, build confidence and learn safety in the water.


We offer technique development for INTERMEDIATE swimmers too. Come and improve your technique, understand how to be more efficient in the water.


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