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Swimming Laps

Squad Training

  • Swim Smooth Certified Coach

  • Stroke Correction & Individual Feedback

  • Fun & Friendly Atmosphere

  • Quick Improvement

Join our Adult Swim Squad!  We provide a variety of swimming sessions and each of them has a specific goal to improve your fitness, technique and endurance. If you are looking for high quality coaching, are serious about improving your swimming efficiency and want to enjoy doing it, then join us today!



The Infamous "Red Mist" (long endurance session). 

This session is testing your mental and physical toughness, preparing you for long distance racing (half and full distance triathlons). Interval distances range from multiple 50m intervals up to 1000m with very little rest. You can expect massive improvement and rewarding feeling after completing this session.


Threshold / CSS Development Session. If you want to enhance your speed in the pool and the open water over distances greater than 400m, then this is the place to start.  Intervals will range from 50m to 500m and will all centre around CSS pacing. There will be a few drills and a few sprints as well, but the majority of the session is focused on you maintaining your racing speed. We do a specific fitness test every six (6) weeks to monitor your specific CSS pace.

dubai adult triathlon swimming


The emphasis here is on a lot of drill and technique work with plenty of recovery and tips on how to refine your individual stroke. A common mistake many people make is to rush through the exercises to try to keep up with others in the lane. There is no need to do this. Take your time and focus on you. This set is often combined with some low-level endurance work. During this session you will learn how to perform the nominated drills correctly and you will definitely improve the feel for the water.

Adult swimming technique
open water swim


If you are getting ready for your first triathlon race or just looking to improve your open water skills you will definitely enjoy this session. Did you know that you can save up to 30% of your energy by drafting to another swimmer in the open water? During the session you will be able to learn how to adapt your stroke to various open water condition, different sighting technique, how to draft and much more!

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