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90min Annual Swim Challenge is open to all abilities, endurance athletes, triathletes and open water swimmers. It's a great opportunity to test your endurance and have fun with other athletes from our community and friends while keeping your swim fitness & motivation during summer period.

Venue: Dubai Police Academy (50m Pool)

Date: Sunday | 18 June, 2023 

Time: 07:30am

Swim Duration: 90min

Price: 120aed 


How will the distance be tracked?

The preferred method is to use any tracking device/watch such as Garmin, Apple Watch, etc. and our coaches will guide you to keep tracking your laps as well. 

Can we stop during the 90min Swim Challenge?

Yes, you can if you need to take some break,  hydrate or to eat  nutrition.   

How is the lane set up? 

We will have pacing set up per lane:

(E.g  Lane 1  2:00min/100m   Lane 2  1:50min/100m  Lane 3 1:40min/100m so on...

*Please indicate your approximate pacing when you sign up*

How many swimmers per lane?

Ideally  maximum 5-6 swimmers per lane. Drafting is allowed! 


Lane Etiquettes

  • Swim Direction per lane - Alternate anti-clock wise rotation and clock wise rotation (e.g Lane 1 clock wise, Lane 2 anti-clockwise, Lane 3 clock wise and so on..)

  • If the other swimmer is faster than you or about to overtake, be mindful and give way.

  • Stay away from the center of the wall when taking a rest.

  • If a swimmer taps your foot, slow down or stop and let the other swimmer pass

  • Be considerate and just be nice! :)

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