3rd Edition of 90min Swim Challenge is back! 

Everyone is invited with our Swim Challenge. The objective of this event is to challenge yourself to swim continuously for 90 minutes and see how far you can swim, it is race against no one but yourself. It is great way to test, track and challenge your training. Practice your pace in advance, if you can’t hack swimming 90min straight then swim 100’s,200’s,400’s or another restful distance on shorter rest interval and you can always stop for a hydration,nutrition gels, etc.


Date: 05 June 2022

Time: 7:45am

Venue: Dubai American Academy (50m pool)

Price: 120AED

  • 1st,2nd, 3rd Overall Winner for Men and Women  -       Grit & Tonic Voucher, Medal, 3 Swim Smooth Squad Session (voucher)

  • Age group category: 15-24, 25 - 35, 36 - 45, 46 and above for  both Men and Women - (Only winner per category)   Grit & Tonic  Voucher,  Medal

Swimmers must take splits of every 100m of their swim, it’s just too easy to lose track otherwise you can either have someone to record your laps or use watch that can record your distance. It is not a race or competition but a SELF CHALLENGE!

  • All lanes will swim in the same direction - anti-clockwise

  • The swimmers will start in order from fastest to slowest

  • Continuous long whistle means stop! either 90min is over or for Emergency purpose.

  • Make sure to count your laps or use the watch to measure your distance

  • Tell us your total distance, we will record it in our score board

  • Pace yourself properly

  • Even split or negative split pace

  • Hydrate every 20 min if needed

  • Count your laps and use your watch if possible

  • Set a target distance before the event

  • Swim in the right direction 

  • Overtake if safe to do so

  • Stay away from the center of the wall when taking a rest

  • If a swimmer taps your foot, they are not flirting- they want to pass.

  • Don't follow the black tiled lane in the middle, always stay on correct direction side